Stand Density Management Studies on Pine Stands in Korea (I) - The Simple Logistic Growth Curve and Its Application to Pine Stands -

소나무림(林)의 밀도관리(密度管理)에 관(關)한 연구(硏究)(I) - 단순(單純) logistic 곡선(曲線)과 소나무림(林)에 대한 그의 적용(適用) -

  • Received : 1982.08.02
  • Published : 1982.09.30


The simple logistic growth model on the logistic curve, being originally a kind of population growth curve has also been sometimes utilized to describe growth curves in herbaceous plants such as duckweed and sun-flowers. It has already been recognized that the agreement between the theoretical calculations and the empirical observations is quite satisfactory form a practical point of view. It remains, however, still doubtful whether the logistic curve could be applied to the growth or ordinary woody plants which is quite different in its character from that of herbaceous plants. In this study, the simple logistic model, being a basic tool of stand density management, is applied to yield data from pine stands in order to test the adequacy of the model An attempt of testing the significance of the fit is made by applying the Chi-square test.