A study on two dimensions of achievement motivation for job design

직무설계를 위한 성취동기의 이차원성에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1982.06.01


This study analyzes jow reciprocal relations between the temperament and motivation of managers interact. To know the relationships between achievement motivation and affiliation motivation, this study examines whether or not affiliation-achievement motivation and nonaffiliation-achievement motivation mani- fested in manager group of Jpapn are present in this tested group. Data were obtained by testing 578 male- managers employed in domestic enterprise with Y-G Character and Motivation Test. Structure Vector obtained and applied Canonical Correlation Analysis method is applied as a means to interpret it. From the study, the following results are obtained: First, the affiliation and nonaffiliation-achievement motivation appear in domestic sampled group. Second, the manager with affiliation-achievement motivation is shown to have extroversive character, high-social accommodation, high-emotional stability, whereas the one with nona- ffiliation-achievement motiviation to have introversive character, somewhat low-social accommodation and low- emotional stability. Whether or not these results reappear in the bilingual group remains to be studied further.