A Study of Welfare Program for the Social Welfare Agencies

수용보호시설(收容保護施設) 운영개선(運營改善) 방향(方向)

  • 김진복 (영진전문대학 행정학과)
  • Published : 1982.03.31


This paper is intended to study actual condition and problems of Social Welfare, and to institute the plan of social welfare administ ration. Recently, Social welfare agendas, public and private, in our country adhere to traditionary and temporary relief of the clients. The improvement of social work is neglected among some pravile social welfare organization in this society are as follows : Firstly, Big enterprises should undertaken the non-earnest social welfare foundation, this plan, however, can be eastablished by policy making of the proper authorities. Secondly, improvement of public institution and personnel administration should be stressed and innovated. Thirdly, We should not rely on the other social welfare organization and perform our own way of duty. Lastly, The government, community and private social work organization should accomplish cooper ation system among them.