Thermally Stimulated Currents in Gamma Irradiated Polymer

감마선에 조사된 중합체의 열자극 전류

  • Chu, Sung-Sil (Department of radiology and nuclear medicine, College of medicine, Yonsei university)
  • 추성실 (연세대학교 의과대학 방사선과학교실)
  • Published : 1982.08.31


Thermally stimulated currents of polymers have some properties as radiation dosimetry, especially polymer could be made as a good dosimeter in biological fields because of tissue equivalent material. We experimented the radiation response of polymers and attempted to apply it in clinical use. Polymers have the properties of thermoluminescence and thermally stimulated currents which are due to several kinds of charged particles such as dipoles, electronic trapped charges and mobile ions. Several peaks are datected in the thermally stimulated currents in polyethylene under vias field V, by heating from room temperature to $100^{\circ}C$ shortly after irradiation. As V increases, both the peak temperature $T_m$ and the activation energy H decreases, while the peak current $I_m$ increases. We plotted the $T_m-V\;and\;I_m-V$ curves and calculated the electron trap depth with the recombination operative TSC theory and compared the peak TSC with radiation doses.