Studies on the control of stem blight of asparagus caused by Phoma asparagi Sacc

아스파라가스 줄기마름병(경고병)의 방제에 관한 연구

  • Choi Jin Kyu ;
  • Kwon Young Sam ;
  • Yu Yun Hyun
  • 최진규 ;
  • 권영삼 ;
  • 유황현
  • Published : 1981.06.01


Experiments were carried out to study on control of stem blight of asparagas caused by Shoma asparagi Sacc. in Suweon, $1976\~1978$. Symptoms of the disease were found in the field from late of May and severe infection was shown thereafter. Plastic film mulching with foliage spray of Topsin 154g a.i. and Difolatan 220g a.i. per 10a at 10days interval during the growing season, gave significantly good control and high yield compared with other treatments. In addition to reduction of the disease, the treatment with mulching has maintained good soil moisture for asparagus growth when the soil moisture was measured at about loom under the soil surface from July to August.