B$\Phi$rrensen Model Computation for Neutronic Benchmark Problems

Neutronic Benchmark 문제에 대한 B$\Phi$rrensen 모델응용

  • Published : 1981.06.01


B$\Phi$rrensen proposed a coarse mesh, three-dimensional one-and-half group diffusion scheme for computing the gross power distribution in light water reactors as an alternative to the conventional fine mesh finite difference approach in dealing with three dimensional problems, which require a prohibitively long computing time. The method reported takes extremely small execution time. However, its computational accuracy has not been investigated yet. The B$\Phi$rrensen method is revised in this work and both efficiency and accuracy are examined by applying it to IAEA benchmark problem and RIS$\Phi$ benchmark problem. It is found that two modifications on core-reflector boundary conditions and B$\Phi$rrensen's model constants may improve computational accuracy of power distribution calculation.