Utilization of the Stand-by Fuel Assemblies

예비 핵연료의 이용

  • Published : 1981.06.01


The change in the design-basis refueling strategy caused by the unexpected nuclear fuel failures may result in discharging intact fuel assemblies which were irradiated in the positions symmetric to the failed ones in addition to the failed ones in order to maintain the symmetric power shape in the reactor core. In this work an attempt is made to reuse the intact fuel assemblies which were discharged before reaching the design turnup in the above-described situation so as to improve the fuel utilization. The TDCORE code is used to estimate the flux and power distribution, and the RELOAD-II code for searching the optimal loading pattern with the minimum assembly radial power peaking factor. For the case of the Ko-ri unit 1, its third cycle turnup could be extended to 11,648 MWD/MTU by reusing the four low-burned fuel assemblies removed at the end of the first cycle, and then the loading pattern is searched to the equilibrium cycle.