A Taxonomical Study On The Dinoflagellates Of The Coastal Waters In The Vicinity Of Yeosu, Korea

여수 근해의 쌍편모조류에 관한 분류학적 연구

  • 심재형 (서울대학교 자연과학대학 해양학과) ;
  • 신은령 (서울대학교 자연과학대학 해양학과) ;
  • 최중기 (인천대학교 이과대학 해양학과)
  • Published : 1981.12.01


This study deals with the marine dinoflagellates observed in 50 samples collected in the vincinity of Yeosu from August 1979 to May 1980. Forty-nine species were identified and these taxa are attributed to 10 genera, of which 2 are infraspecific taxa. Two families, 3 genera, and 32 species are new records for the Korean coastal waters. Small dinoflagellates recorded in this study are ascribed to the use of volumetric samplers instead of nets. In this area, the armored forms are the most important components of the dinoflagellates (39 taxa). All species are illustrated by photomicroscopy. There are 49 pictures of taxa. An attempt has been made to provide more correct references to each species. There are comparative descriptive information, taxonomic comments, and distributional data for each species.