Accuracy of the Position Fix and Local Fluctuation of Omega Signals in the South Coast of Korea

한국남해안에 있어서의 오메가신호의 지역적인 변화와 측위의 정도

  • Published : 1981.06.01


For the purpose of surveying accuracy of the position fix and local fluctuation of Omega signals in south coast of Korea, the author observe continuously the phase difference of the A-C pair and A-E pair form December 1, 1980, to February 28, 1981, at Cheju(33$^{\circ}$31'.0N, 126$^{\circ}$31.9E) and Busan(35$^{\circ}$7'.9 N, 129$^{\circ}$6'. 3 E). The analyzed results are as follows: 1. Omega signals at Cheju and Busan are positive correlation. Mean value of coefficients during all measured time is 0.70 with A-C pair and 0.75 with A-E pair. 2. Range of mean value of difference between the measured PPC at Cheju and Busan is 17.7~21.3 cels with A-C pair and -2.9~2.0 cels with A-E pair. 3. In case of using the differential Omega at Cheju and Busan, mean value of total errors of the position fix is 1.52 miles and its standard deviation is 0.21 miles.