Molasses clarifying method used by lime-phosphate for yeast culture

효모배지용 당밀의 청징법에 관하여

  • 임억규 (미원주식회사)
  • Published : 1981.09.01


The constituents of molasses and effect of pH precipitate formation in molasses solution, vary according to its producing districts. The formation of precipitation is not so changeable in the range of buffering zone of molasses solution(pH4.3-6.3) in philippine molasses according to the change of pH value. On lower or higher than the range of buffering zone, the precipitation is increased from pH 4.3 to 2.8 and from 6.3 to 8.1, it is decreased when pH value is lower or higher than the pH value range. For molasses clarifying, it had better adjust the pH of molasses solution to neutral or weak alkali range out of the alkai side of the buffering zone, with lime solution. And then, add the calcium super phosphate solution to pH value of alkali side in buffering zone, as much as the pH of clarified molasses solution can reach to middle value in buffering zone. For the equilibrium of pH value on clarifying molasses, it takes plenty of time more than 6 hours.