Studies on antibiotic against wheat black rust (II)

밀의 항흑수병 항생물질의 연구 II

  • 정영기 (동주여자전문대학)
  • Published : 1981.09.01


The substance produced by Bacillus subtilis $480HS_{20}$ showed specific anti Puccinia graminis activity and narrow antimicrobial activity. The anti Puccinia graminis substance was found to be peptide antibiotic which had molecular weight of about 1,500 by sephadex LH-60 gel-filtration. The amino acid composition of the substance waas composed of Ser (1), Glu(3), Ile(1), Gyr(2) and His (1). The compound was yellowish powder and it's melting point was $214{\sim}216^{\circ}C$. UV spectrum in methanol showed single peak at 278(E 1% 1cm 15.2) and important peak at 3,350-3,320, 2,940, 1,635, 1,520-155, 1,240-1, $230cm^{-1}$ were observed in IR Spectrum. The substance was soluble in methanol but insoluble in water, ethyl acetate and chloroform. The antibiotic $480HS_{20}$ showed a little antimicrobial activity against Pyricularia aryzae but no antimicrobial activity was observed against Gram + and Gram - bacteria and molds except pyricularia oryzae.