Studies on antibiotics against Wheat black rust (I)

밀의 항흑수병 항생물질의 연구 1

  • Published : 1981.09.01


In order to isolate microorganisms which produce antibiotics aganist wheat black rust, some bacteria, molds, and actinomycetes were isolated from soils and screened for the production of antibiptics against wheat black rust. Beacuse wheat black rust-puccinia graminis--is a complete parsitic mold which can't grow in artifical medium, new method for the screening of antibiotic producing microorgsnisms against wheat black rust developed by using live leaves of wheat. With new method, a strain No. $480HS_{20}$ which produces a substnace having strong and Puccinia graminis activity and very narrow antimicrobial spectrum was isolated. the substance produced by the strain No.$480HS_{20}$ had better anti Puccinia graminis activity than any other known antifungal antibotics such as kasurgamycin, balasticidins, actidione, antimycin, ologomycin. And the substance was observed to be very stable at heat and ultraviolet light. The strain was indentified as Bacillus subtilis.