Solubility of methyl paraben and MIC to E. coli in non-ionic solutions

비이온성 계면활성제 용액에서 methyl paraben의 용해도와 대장균에 대한 최소억제농도의 변화

  • 정교민 (태평양화학기술연구소)
  • Published : 1981.09.01


Increasing the concentration of the nonionic surfactants the solubility of methyl paraben was increased. This is called the solubilization phenomenon and caused inactivation of the preservatives used. The MICs(minimum inhibitory concentrations) on E. coli were increased at the same time. So the relation between the solubility and the mic could be expressed as $S-S_0=R^{\prime}/R^{\prime\prime}\;(M-M_0)$ and in this case $R^{\prime}/R^{\prime\prime}$ was about 2.