About the Problems of Nonuse in School Libraries

학교도서관(學校圖書館)의 비이용문제(非利用問題)에 대(對)하여

  • 한윤옥 (홍익대학교 사범대학 부속여자고등학교)
  • Published : 1980.12.30


The most good library's service will be accomplished for the system of user centralized and we can't expect the development of school library without student's use. This research has been designed for an attempt to know why students don't use the school library. The methods employed to achieve the purpose of this study are (1) To establish some tentative factors affecting the school library's use or nonuse (2) to get necessary data, a questionnaire was made according to the tentative factors. A questionnaire was sent to teacher and students in the 4 sample high schools in Seoul. The followings are the am lysed results. (1) School library's collection are poor. (2) The school library's equipment and position are bad. (3) The guide or use instruction of school library are not carried out. (4) Teacher librarian can not reach the demand of the society and the atmosphere of library are not good. (5) The books are not lent to students and the circulation procedure are complicated. (6) Our country's educational programme does not organize to promote using the school library. (7) Teachers' knowledge for using the library are poor. (8) Entrance examination of the university disturbed to use the school library. (9) The school administration are not enough to understand about the school library.