Hydrothermal Syntheses of Hydrous Minerals, Brucite, Xonotlite, Talc, Tremolite, and Antigorite

수산화광물(水酸化鑛物)인 수골석(水滑石), Xonotlite, 활석(滑石), 투각섬석(透角閃石) 및 Antigorite의 열수합성(熱水合成)

  • 박홍봉 (전남대학교 자연과학대학 지질학과)
  • Published : 1980.03.31


Dolomite and quartz, starting materials, were mixed by the mole ratio of dolomite versus quartz with 1 : 0, 1 : 1, and 2 : 1, and of which was heated under saturated water vapor pressure of $20kg/cm^2(211.4^{\circ}C)$, $80kg/cm^2(293.6/C)$ and $120kg/cm^2(323.1^{\circ}C)$, respectively, during 20 hours. The results of the hydrothermal syntheses are as follows: 1) calcite crystals were formed at all cases of the reation 2) brucite crystals were formed when dolomite was heated under the saturated vapor pressure of $80kg/cm^2$ during 20 hours. 3) talc, tremolite, xonotlite, and antigorite were formed under saturated vapor pressure of $80kg/cm^2$ by 20 hours reaction.