Study on Earthquakes of Korea based on the Local Data of 1926~1943

1926~1943년(年)의 국지자료(局地資料)에 의한 한국 지진(地震)의 연구(硏究)

  • Published : 1980.03.31


The local earthquake data, observed by Wiechert seismograph in Korea during Feb. 1926-May 1943, was provided and investigated. Using S-P monogram of JMA, mainly Tsuboi's formula and additional intensity data, the earthquake parameters are obtained as much as possible within a reasonable discrepancy. The seismic characteristics as to the epicenter distribution was discussed under the viewpoint of its relation to the adjacent geologic structure. Some statistical results are analyzed comparing with Kyushu region which provide a reasonable interpretation on the seismicity of Korea. By superposing the available information of the individual events, the general trend of stress field was found to be east-west compression, which mostly agree with that of the southwestern Japan.