Study on the Anchovy Boat seine- VI The Physical Properties of the Improved Head Rope and Ground rope

기선권현 강의 연구- VI 뜸줄 . 발줄 재료로서 개발된 로우프의 물리적 특성

  • Lee, Byoung-gee ;
  • Sohn, Tae-jun ;
  • Roh, Gap-chul
  • 이병기 ;
  • 손태준 ;
  • 노갑철
  • Published : 1980.03.01


The pure polypropylen rope has been used for the head rope, and the lead cored polypropylen rope for the ground rope in the anchovy boat seine. These ropes revealed the disadvantage that deforms the net shape due to their elongation. Te improve the disadvantage, authors developed the rope of new construction which is cored by wires and wrapped by polypropylene fibers, 20mm in diameter for the head rope and 40tnm for the ground rope. To compare the physical properties of the improved rope with the conventional ones, some factors are valued and the following results are found. 1. The improved ropes rev~al some disadvantages, such as the head rope is heavier, the ground rope lighter, and both of them are stiffer than the conventional ones, contrary to the required condition of ropes) However no special difficulties are found in practical use. 2. The improved ropes display much advantages, such as elongation is 30 percent less, breaking strength is 35 precent greater, and elastic recovery is 10 percent greater than the conventional ones. Thus, it is considered that the improved ropes are more suitable for the head rope and the ground rope of the anchouy boat seine net than the conventional ones.