Production of Fructose Corn Syrup by Glucose Isomerase

Glucose isomerase 효소를 이용한 이성화당(과당) 생산에 관한 연구

  • 백성원 (한국과학원) ;
  • 유두영 (한국과학원)
  • Published : 1980.06.01


Two strains S-P and S-P-2, both Streptomyces sp., have been isolated and were found to have relatively high specific enzyme activity compared to other organisms reported. The specific activity of the enzyme produced from these two strains were 0.25 and 0.2 international units respectively. The productivity of the enzyme achieved was about 50 IU/l/hr. Glucose isomerase form these strains was found to be stable under the temperature of heat treatment (at $65^{\circ}C$) for fixation of enzyme inside the dell. This organism has an advantage in that it did not require toxic metalic ion for enzyme activity and could utilize xylan in leu of xylose as an inducer. The optimal temperature and pH of enzymatic reaction purpose of using these data for the optimal operation and designing of enzyme reactor system. The reaction mechanism was found to follow the single substrate reversible reaction kinetics. The kinetic constants determined experimentally are : $K_{mf}=0.33M,\;K_{mb}=1.0M,\;V_{mf}=0.88{\mu}mole\;per\;min.,\;V_{mb}= 2.96{\mu}mole\;per\;min.\;and\;K_{eq}=0.74.