Studies on the Properties of Charolais Semen

Charolais의 정액 성상에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1980.05.01


This experiment was to study semen properties of Charolais for the a, pp.ication ot artificial insemination. The result obtained were summarized as follows: 1. In the preservation of liquid semen for 6 days, the survival rates of Charolais semen averaged 57.14% in skim milk solution and 58.17% in tris buffer solution. There were not differences. 2. Recovery of semen after thawing was vigorous in the semen that was diluted and frozen in 48 hrs. 3. The real rates of survival sperm for Charolais averaged 83% after living sperm was diluted and stained for 6 days. 4. Methylene blue reduction test diluted semen was fresh when it was diluted within 48 hrs. 5. If the diluted semen was preserved below 5$^{\circ}C$ in Charolais, the pH decreased by 0.2 in a day. 6. Diluted semen was more resistant to the cold shock than fresh semen. 7. In resistance against hot shock, sperm was almost dead in 20 minutes in 46.5$^{\circ}C$ in diluted semen, while it was dead in 30 minutes in 42.5$^{\circ}C$ in diluted semen. 8. In examination of morphological changes of sperm acrosome for 6 days, normal sperm in skim milk solution and tris buffer solution was 80% and 76.97% respectively, swelling sperm 12.8% and 15.27%, deficient sperm 0.6% and 0.97% abnormal staining 3.07% and 5.25%, immature sperm 0.28%, and 0.23%, whereas other abnormal sperm was 1.28% and 1.42%.