Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometric Analysis of Heavy Metals in the Soils of Paddy Fields Around Industrial Areas

원자흡광법에 의한 공업단지(경인${\cdot}$전북)주변답 토양중의 중금속함량분석에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1979.03.01


Paddy lands around industrial areas in Gyeonggi and Jeonbuk provinces are increasingly concerned about pollution by heavy metals. This stimulated the quantitative analysis of copper, zinc, lead and cadmium in the soil from the aress concerned. Results obtained are summarized as follows: 1. Heavy metal contents of the soil from Sue-Myun, Siheung-Gun, Gyunggi province were 20.95 ppm of Cu, 226.46 ppm of Zn, 84.17 ppm of Pb, and 2.62 ppm of Cd, respectively. Those of Anyang, Kimpo, and Jeonbuk areas were as low as the natural background levels, about 10 ppm. 2. The contentration of heavy metals of the river valley soils tended to increase from upper stream to the lower. This seemed to be caused by the fact tat disposed water from plants flows to the lower stream and metals contained in the water accummlate in the soils around the lower stream. 3. Cadmium content was exceptionally lower than 0.2 ppm in all the areas tested. The present concentartion of cadmium is not of the extent to which any injury could occur to rice plants.