Direction of Cataloging the Oriental Classics

고서목록의 방향

  • Published : 1979.12.01


All things considered, cataloging rules of every nations in the world had been revised or attempt to revise according to the ISBD cataloging method. This is a general tendency of cataloging rules in nowadays. But, for the application to ISBD cataloging method to in the cataloging rules for oriental classics, there are many bottleneck because special articles of bibliography in the oriental classics frequently appeared, the special article has been recorded to suitably location in the body of entry. If special articles have apply to ISBD cataloging method, it must given to peculiar mark in the every articles. Representative examples are location for entry to material form of printed letter and form of printed book. Generally, material form of printed letter have been recorded in the article of edition, form of printed book have been recorded in the article of collation. But, as these method have not regulated in the general cataloging rules of Korea, material form of printed letter and form of printed book articles must record in article of note for application to ISBD cataloging method. If that happens, fundamentally problems which have been hotly debated in cataloging rules for oriental classics will be naturally solve. In the edded, I was presented the solution method of accompanying problems in this thesis.