A Study on the Electrical Resistivity Prospecting for Geologic Model Strata

지층모형(地層模型)에 의(依)한 전기비저항(電氣比抵抗) 탐사법(探査法) 연구(硏究)

  • Published : 1979.03.31


A model study was conducted for the interpretation of simple geologic structures. Experiments were carried out for the cases of two horizontal beds and dipping beds in a water tank by using Wenner and Schlumberger arrays respectively. As a geologic stratum of experimental model, cement be (cement: sand=1:2) of $70cm{\times}60cm{\times}10cm$ was used. It was found out from a preliminary experiment that a measuring sounding of Wenner arrays is one third of the distance between two current electrodes, and Schlumberger arrays is one fourth of the distance which is a half of the value determined by usual method of calculation. Equi-resistivity curves were obtained for the cases of horizontal beds and dipping beds, and mapped on the longitudinal and cross sections of the water tank. These curves delineate the shape and degree of dip of bed to some extent. The calculation of depth to beds by using a master curve is somewhat complicated and inexact. In this study, new method for this calculation using a ${\rho}_a/{\rho}_1-a$ graph was proposed, and turned out that this method is simpler and exact.