Study on the Intensive Catching Method of Anchovy for Live Bait-III Relation Between Variation of Sea Condition and Catch of Anchovy in the Southern Coast of Korea

활멸치의 집약적 생산수단에 관한 연구 -III

  • Published : 1979.03.01


This paper was analysed based on the oceanographic and meteorological data complied from 1971 to 1977 for that search relationships among the fluctuation of sea condition and weather condition, and the catch of anchovy. In the year when heat loss from the sea surface in winter was maximum(in 1974, 658 Iy), temperature of midwater in summer was lower 2~4\ulcornerC than normal year. While heat loss was minimum (in1973, 487 Iy), temperature of mid water was higher 2\ulcornerC. When temperature of mid water of southern coast from June to August was higher than normal year, anchovy was caught good deal, but that was lower than normal year was bad fishing. When it had much precipitation (in 1973, 256mm), plankton was checked maximum (12cc) and also the catch of anchovy too (11, OOOm/t). While precipitation was minimum (in 1976, 123mm), plankton (3cc) and anchovy (2, 800m/t) was a litle. If we calcalate heat budget in winter, we can forecast temperature of mid-water in summer of following year. Therefore we may be able to forecast catch anchovy.