Study on the Intensive Catching Method of Anchovy for the Live Bait-II Fish catching test by Means of Partially Reconstructed Boat Seine Net and Creel Holding Test of the Catch

활멸치의 집약적 생산수단에 관한 연구 -II 권현망을 일부 개조한 어구에 의한 어호 및 그 어호물의 축양시험

  • Published : 1979.03.01


To catch live anchovies which will be used as bait for skipjack fishing, set net, lift net and purse seine net were tried in Korean coastal waters by the authors. Among them the former two methods showed unsuitable to catch in bulk even though the catch showed good survival. The last showed unsuitable result because of the lack of exclusive fishing boat and skilled fishermen. From the viewpoint of practical use, the authors regarded it may be suitable to improve the traditional boat seine net which are used as major fishing gear to catch anchovies in Korea, so far as Korea is concerned. So we tried to catch live anchovies with partially reconstructed boat seine net and to hold the catch in the creel improved by the authors. Even though the result showed less than 70 percent of survival, slightly worse than other fishing methods, the experimented method showed to be practical in catching the live anchovies intensively.