Study on the Intensive Catching Method of Anchovy for Live Bait-I. An Experiment on the Towing Method of Holding Creel

활멸치의 집약적 생산수단에 관한 연구 - I 축양조의 예인방법에 관한 실험

  • Published : 1979.03.01


At the holding of live anchovies which will be used as bait for the skipjack fishing, it is necessary to transrer the holding creel to the holding ground from the long distanted fishing ground. Usually, the creel made with net webbing and shaped like pound, was towed with a tow rope fastened to the front fringe or it, when two serious problems were found. The one was that the leading flap or the webbing of creel was drifted backward by the drag and caused to decrease the volume of the creel and made anchovies mortal. The other was that much time were spent to tow creels for long distance with slow speed, whereas to tow fast made anchovies worn out and caused them mortal. To prevent these defect, the authors carried out a model experiment in a circular flowing tank with a 1/15 scale model creel by four different arrangement of towing, and found out two suitable method, then these two methods were experimented in the sea with full rigged creel, and found the most suitable method out. To decrease the interior current speed of the creel even if it was towed fast, the apron which made by the same webbing of the creel body was enclosed the leading flap of creel, when the interior current speed showed the 35 to 40 percent of towing speed, whereas it showed 50 to 55 percent without apron.