Ground water in the four major basins in Korea

사대강유역의 지하수

  • 최승일 (본학회 정회원 기술사, (주)범양사 부사장)
  • Published : 1979.06.01


Ground water stored in the alluvium and the rocks provides the vase flow of the streams and can be withdraw from wells and infiltration galleries. And it is also recharge naturallyby precipitation. The amount of ground water in the four major basins it is estimated to be about 137,000 million cubiv meters(Table1), while nationwide ground water storage to be about 232,000 million cubic meters. The estimation of storage volume has been made on the basis of assumed thickness of the saturated zone of the different rocks and assumed porosities of those rocks. The values of the porosity of alluvium and saprolite were assumed to be 25% and 40% respectivvely which are based on tests made of similar materials in Georgia, U.S. The volume of water in storage is believed to be a conservative estimate. Detailed geologic and hydrologic investigation should be made where and when water resources are needed.