Metabolism of Leucine During the Early Pupal State of Cabbage Worm, Pieris rapae L.

배추흰나비 (Pieris rapae L.)의 초기 용시기에 따른 Leucine의 대사

  • Published : 1979.01.01


To determine the metabolism of leucine during the cuticle formation and the sclerotization process in Pieris rapae L., $U-^3$H-leucine or $U-^4$C-tyrosine is injected into the haemolymph of newly molted pupa through dorsal cuticle of heart area. The results show that leucine as a common amino acid participates in the synthesis of cuticle protein over the first 3 hr after ecdysis. It is also shown that leucine in the haemolymph at ecdysis is freely being moved between major internal organs during the short time period post-ecdysis, providing the evidence for some involvements including haemolymph protein synthesis and storage of fat body and gut in metabolism of leucine.