A Study on the Natural Sex Ratio and Fertility of Galvanized Boar Semen

돼지의 자연성비와 정자의 전기분이에 의한 수태성적에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1979.05.01


This study was carried out to find the difference between the naturaly born sex rtio among 1,242 head of pigs(120 litters) at Swine Farm, Cheil Sugar Co. and B-body a, pp.arance from their semen, and to find the conception rates which were inseminated to 40 sows with sperm from the anode and cathode after electrophoresis of boar semen. In order to the electrophoretic separation, the semen was placed into the platimum loop electrodes(105 cc) at room temperature for 30 minutes with D.C. 3V. and 350${\mu}$A. constant. The sperm fluorescent staining method was performed in accordance with Bhattacharya's(1970) method. The spermatozoa were observed through a Olympus Vanox microscope(made in Japan) using exciter filter with I heat barrier HPO 120. The results obtained were summarized as follows: 1. The natural sex ratio of 1,242 piglets(120 litters) which were born at Swine Farm, Cheil Sugar Co. was 50%, and B-body a, pp.arance of its boar semen were 49.24%. 2. With electrophoretic separation, the anode and cathode attracted 65.5${\pm}$5.03% and 29.89${\pm}$4.29% of B-body bearing sperm, respectively. 3. After electrophoresis of boar sperm, they were inseminated to 40 sows with sperm from anode and cathode. The conception rate was 92.5%.