The Spider Fauna of Is. Dae Heucksan-do and Is. Hong-do, Korea

대흑산도와 홍도의 거미상

  • Published : 1978.09.01


Is. Dae Heucksan-do and Is. Heucksan-do and Is. Hong-do are located in the southwestern, apart 110km from Mockpo city, Korea., and the spider fauna of this area has never been explored. The author collected the spiders from these Islands in August 1974. Findings were; 1) 83 species of spiders belonging to 17 families, including 5 undetermined species. 2) Leptoneta sp., Carrhotus sp. (A), Marpissa sp. and Synagelides sp. are reserved for future study. 3) The materials were not sufficient for general discussion and conclusions of the spider fauna of these Islands. However, results can be summarized as follows: 7 northern species $8.9\%$ 9 southern species $11.5\%$, 4 cosmopolitan $5.1\%$ 4) The common species of mainland China were 41 $51.9\%$. 5) As the result of this survey, the spider fauna of this area is similar to that of the Is. Cheju-do and Is. Tsushima, in the south eastern area, and have much more common to China than any another area in Korea.