Activities of Several Hydrolytic Enzymes in the Pear Leaves Affected by Rust Fungus, Gymnosporangium haraeanum Sydow

배나무적성병 병반조직의 몇가지 가수분해효소의 활성

  • Published : 1978.09.01


Activities of several hydrolytic enzymes in the rusted pear loaves were estimated. Tested enzymes were cellulase (Cx), invertase $\beta-amylase$, pectinase (pectinmethylesterase and polygalacturonase), and phosphatase. Enzyme activities represented by pH value-enzyme activitycurve. Activities of Cx. invertase. and $\beta-amylase$ were higher in the healthy part than those in the near-lesion and lesion parts. and showed the maximal activities around pH 7.0. On the other hand, activities of pectinase and phosphatase were higher in the lesion and near-lesion parts than in the healthy part. Pectinmethylesterase activities in the healthy and diseased parts were different with different curve-pattern as the pH of treating solution changed.