Control of Overwintering Striped Rice Borer, Chilo suppressalis W. in Straw Handicrafts with Phostoxin Fumigation

Phostoxin 훈증 처리에 의한 볏짚 제품내의 월동 이화명충 방제

  • Chang Y. D. (Institute of Agr. Sciences, O.R.D.) ;
  • Kim H. S. (Institute of Agr. Sciences, O.R.D.) ;
  • Yoo J. K. (Institute of Agr. Sciences, O.R.D.)
  • Published : 1978.03.01


Overwintering striped rice borer, Chilo suppressalis W. larvae, pupae and adults in rice straw handicrafts were exposed to different doses and periods of phostoxin in gas chambers(ave.temp. 27C). The following results were obtained; 1. For 100 percent mortality, larvae required 48 hours, pupae 24 hours and adults only 8 hours of exposure. 2. The insecticidal effect of tile fumigant was more dependent upon the length of exposure than the dosage of fumigant.