Studies on the Resistance of Conventional Korean Varieties of Rice to Bacterial Leaf Blight

한국재래품종의 흰빛잎마름병에 대한 품종저항성에 관한 연구

  • Choi Y. C. (Institute of Agricultural Science, ORD) ;
  • Sato T. (Kyushu Agricultural Experiment station) ;
  • Watanabe B. (Kyushu Agricultural Experiment station)
  • 최용철 (진흥청 농업기술연구소) ;
  • ;
  • Published : 1978.03.01


The resistance to bacterial leaf blight of Conventional varieties (chodongi, Yongcheon etc.) cultivated from 1920 to 1956 in Korea were tested by means of 5 pathotypes of causal organism Xanthomonas oryzase (Uyeda et lshiyama) DOWSON. The results of this test are: 1. Among 74 varieties, 69 varieties including 'Chodongji, Yongcheon, Aedhal, Yongsang, Daegu, Mitdhari, pungok, etc' belong to the Kinmaze group that is highly susceptible to this disease. 2. 3 varieties: Heukbal, Doipnam, Whangphan belong to the Kogyoku group. 3. 2 varieties: Namgok, Gangbukdo, show unknown reaciton to differential varieties. 4. In 69 varieties belonging to the Kinmaze group $99.5\%$ of the plants were infected by bacterial group I. $99.6\%$ in bacterial group II. $100\%$ in group III, $99.7\%$ in group IV, and $99.8\%$ in group V. 5. In 3 varieties belong to Kyogyoku group, $1.7\%$ of the plants were infected in bacterial group I. $98.8\%$ in group II, $100\%$ in group III, IV and $1.4\%$ in group V.