A Comparative Study on the Educational System of Library Science in Korea; Curricula from Junior Colleges to Graduate Schools

한국의 도서관학 교육제도에 대한 고찰 -전문학교에서 대학원까지의 교과과정을 중심으로-

  • Kweon Kie-weon (Dept. of Library Science, Korea Social Work Junior College)
  • 권기원 (한국사회사업대학병설 실업전문학교)
  • Published : 1978.12.01


From the 1957's of the cradle which curricula of library science was applicable to university to the 1978's today of heyday, it has been rapidly developing in the 20 years (1957-1978) and they have 5 junior colleges, 9 undergraduate courses, 5 graduate courses, 1 Ph. D. course. The education of library science above the undergraduate course was given greatly prominence to the theory of library science, information science and foreign languages more than that of the putting first in the practical business and built up the educational system of library science. Today is the informatization period from the 1960's. The fact which the automation of library works was attached in the latter half of the 1970's in Korea is the social need in order to respond to the worldwide tendency. As a result of making an analysis of curricula from junior colleges to graduate schools in this paper, I took the new direction which it is an alternative plan of the point at issue, and I want to be useful in the education of library science forwards.