A study on the structure of Ogcheon Group in Goesan Area

괴산부근(槐山附近)에 분포(分布)하는 옥천층군(沃川層群)의 지질구조(地質構造)에 관(關)하여

  • Published : 1977.12.31


This study is focused on the geological structure of Igog-Jangam folded zone in the vicinity of Goesan town where Ogcheon group distributes. The geology is composed of Gyemyungsan formation, Daehyangsan quartzite, Munjuri formation and Hwanggangri formation of Ogcheon group unknown age in descending order, and porphyritic biotite granite and dyke rocks that intruded into the Ogcheon group. The study revealed that Igog-Jangam folded zone is a plunged synclinal fold based on the following evidences; 1) Some pebbles in Hwanggangri formation at Minaemi-gol (a name of village) consists of phyllite of Munjuri formation. 2) The pebble bearing phyllitic bed in this area, Hwanggangri formation was recognized as the uppermost member in Ogcheon group instead of the basal one of the group. 3) A crest of anticlinal fold has been appeared near the Goegang bridge as a structural counter-part of that of the present area. 4) The study of lineation of minor fold in Munjuri formation also suggests that Igog-Jangam folded zone manifests to be a synclinal structure.