A Hydrological Study on Rainfall Frequency Atlas in Korea

한국 확률강우량도 작성을 위한 수문학적 연구

  • 이원환 (한국수문학협회이사, 연세대교수)
  • Published : 1977.06.01


The purpose of this study is to make "The Rainfall Frequency Atlas in Korea" by the analytical method with new hydrological concepts. In this study, all of the rainfall datas in Korea was used for surveying of the basic data, and so we can get 103 sites for annual rainfall data and 100 sites for the max. in a day that are suitable to the purpose of the study. The above data groups are possible to estimate the normal standard period by the moving average method with $\pm$5% of significance level of variance ratio between the max. and min. moving average and arithmetic mean, but it may be impossible to study until 1990's for the short duration under 18-hr because the sites, having the short duration data, are only 12. The results of this study are as follows; 1. The normal standard period estimated by the moving average method is 20 year with $\pm$5% of significance level of variance ratio, and 30 year with$\pm$2-3%. 2. For the annual and max. rainfall in a day, it is possible to make the rainfall frequency atlas with 30normal standard period, but it may be impossible until 1990's for short duration. 3. "Y-k method" developed by writer is best suitable in the rainfal frequency analysis in Korea because of its convenience and reduction in the amount of calculation compared with other methods. 4. To improve the utilization of the rainfall frequency atlas, the larger-sized and the more detailed iso-precipitation atlas must be drawn.atlas must be drawn.