Studies on the Monoterpene Composition in the Oleoresin of Pinus thunbergii Parl. and the Resistance to Pine Gall Midge

해송의 Monoterpene 조성과 솔잎혹파리 내충성에 관한연구

  • Kim, J.W. (Institute of Forest Genetics) ;
  • Kim, C.S. (Institute of Forest Genetics) ;
  • Ryu, J.B. (Institute of Forest Genetics) ;
  • Kim, J.S. (Institute of Forest Genetics) ;
  • Park, C.K. (Dept. of Agr. Chemistry, College of Agriculture, Seoul National University)
  • Published : 1977.03.31


Resistant and susceptible pine (Pinus thunbergii, Parl) trees to pine gall midge (Thecodiplosis japonensis, Uchida et Inouye) were selected and monoterpene composition in one year old branches, shoots and needles of both groups have been analysed by GLC. The results are summarized as follows; 1. Monoterpene composition in either one year old branches or shoots were not affected by their directions (North or South). 2. Major monoterpenes in one year old branches were ${\alpha}-pinene,\;{\beta}-pinene$, myrcene, limonene, ${\beta}-phellandrene$ and terpinolene. 3. In addition to ${\alpha}-pinene$, camphene, ${\beta}-pinene$, myrcene, ${\Delta}^3-carene$, limonene, ${\beta}-phellandrene$ and terpinolene, several less volatile components which appear to be monoterpenes were also present in shoots and needles. 4. Compared with the susceptible pine, the resistant tree was found richer in limonene composition. 5. ${\beta}-Pinene$ composition in the resistant pine was less than that in the susceptible pine. 6. The difference in the composition of limonene or ${\beta}-pinene$ between two groups of pine trees was discussed in relation to the resistance to pine gall midge.

잎혹파리 내충성 및 피해 해송의 1년생 가지, 신초 및 침엽중 monoterpene조성을 GLC로 분석하여 다음과 같은 결과를 얻었다. 1. 착생 방위별 (남, 북) 1년생 가지 및 신초의 monoterpene조성에는 차이가 없었다. 2. 일년생 가지의 주요 moneterpenes는 ${\alpha}-pinene,\;{\beta}-pinene$, myrcene, limonene, ${\beta}-phellandrene$ 및 terpinolene였다. 3. 신초및 침엽중 monoterpene조성은 ${\alpha}-pinene$, camphene, ${\beta}-pinene$, ${\Delta}^3-carene$, myrcene, limonene, ${\beta}-phellandrene$, terpinolene외에 확인되지 않은 고비점 terpenoids로 구성되었다. 4. limonene의 조성은 피해목보다 선발목에 더 많았다. 5. ${\beta}-pinene$의 조성은 선발목보다 피해목에 더 많았다. 6. 선발목과 피해목을 limonene과 ${\beta}-pinene$의 조성의 차이로 고찰하였다.