Measurement of Radon Daughters in Airborne Dust

공기부유진내(空氣浮游塵內)의 Radon 붕괴생성물(崩壞生成物)의 농도측정(濃度測定)

  • Published : 1977.06.30


A simple method has been established for determining RaA, RaB and RaC concentrations in airborne dust. This is to evaluate the concentration from measurement of total alpha activities in three selected-time intervals after an air sample is taken from the membrane filter paper (mean pore size: $0.8{\mu}m$). As a preliminary trial, a time-variation of the concentrations has been determined using the single-filter method at the KAERI site (N. Lat. $37^{\circ}38'$ and E. Long $127^{\circ}15'$), Seoul, Korea. It appears that there is a large variation of the concentrations depending on the sampling time. Generally the highest value was observed in the morning that may coincide with the highest density of atmosphere in a day while the lowest value was obtained around fourteen o'clock.