Propagation and attenuation of elastic waves in the submarine layers (Part I)

해저퇴적층(海底堆積層)에서의 탄성파(彈性波)의 전파(傳播)와 감쇠(減衰)

  • Song, Moo Young (Lab. de Geophysique sppliquee Universite de Bordeauxal) ;
  • Park, Yong Ahn (Dept. of Oceanogrophy, college of Natural Sciences, Seoul National University)
  • Published : 1976.12.31


Proceeding from general elementary principles to more specific abstract problems, we have attempted the rearrangement of the research results as they are known at present concerning the propagation and attennation of the elastic wave in submarine layers. We have derived the elementary equations of the elastic wave. In addition, the relationship of the propagation of the elastic waves in the sea water mass and the reflection of the waves from the water-sediment interface are treated and presented in different sections.