Enzymatic Chillproofing and Beer Foam Stability Part III. Effects of Papain Concentration and Storage Condition

효소에 의한 제탁조작과 맥주의 발포성 제 III보 Papain 농도와 저장조건의 영향

  • Pack, M.Y. (Department of Biological Science and Engineering Korea Advanced Institute of Science)
  • Published : 1976.12.01


Freshly fermented green beer samples were chillproofed with reduced amounts of papain in order to avoid the deterioration of foam quality. Without being pasteurized, the bottled beer samples were stored at different temperatures for various day and then their foam stabilities were determined. A significant improvement in foam stability was observed in the beer chillproofed with 15 ppm of papain for 22 days at $0^{\circ}C$ and not pasteurized. The findings may be applied in the finishing processes for draft beer where pasteurization is not needed.