Studies on the Fermentative Utilization of Cellulosic Wastes (part III) Production of Yeast from the Hydrolyzate of Rice straw, Rice hull and Corn Starch Pulp.

폐섬유자원의 발효공학적 이용에 관한 연구 (제3보) 볏짚, 왕겨및 전분박 당화액을 이용한 효모배양

  • 성낙계 (경상대학) ;
  • 심기환 (경상대학) ;
  • 이천수 (경상대학)
  • Published : 1976.12.01


Cultivation condition of yeast on the utilization of fermentable substrate from the cellulosic wastes such as rice hull, rice straw and corn starch cake was investigated. The results obtained were summarized as follows;1. Corn starch cake was respectively added to rice hull and rice straw in order to increase sugar concentration in the hydrolyzate, and then hydrolyzed. As the result, concentration of sugar in hydrolyzed solution of rice hull was 9.12%, in that of rice straw was 7.98%. 2. It was found that calcium carbonate as a neutralizer was the most effective to prepare the culture broth of yeast. 3. An optimal growth of Hansenula subpelliculosa GFY-2 was observed in the medium prepared by adding 0.3% of ammonium sulfate, 0.4% of potassium phosphate dibasic, 0.02% of magnesium sulfate, sodium chloride and calcium chloride to hydrolyaed sugar solution, respectively. 4. Hansenula subpellicuiosa GFY-2 cultured in the substrate solution which of rice hull and rice straw added to corn starch cake was assimilated more than 90% of sugar in the hydrolyzate within 48 hours. The yeast cells yielded in rice hull was 46.5%, and that of rice straw 45.4% to utilized sugars.