The Circulation in Kwang Yang Bay

광양만의 해수유동에 관하여

  • 윤갑동
  • Published : 1976.03.01


A series of physical oceanographic investigations of the circulation in the Kwang Bay' were carried out seven times from May 1974 to May 1975 every other month. The average water transports through the southern entrance of the' Kwang Yang Bay were approximately $1,014{\times}I0^6m^3$/half-tide in ebb current and $278{\times}10^6m^3$$405.6{\times}I0^6m^34/half-tide in ebb current, and $282{\times}10^6m^3 $/half-tide in flood current, at the maximum current intensity. The water from Seomjin River flows into the bay at an annual average rate of $84{\times}I0^6m^3$/half-tide, the rate being fluctuated from month to month from $6.0\times}10^6m^3 $to $11. 5{\times}I0^6m^3 $per half-tide.