Optical Properties of Water (II) - Variation in the Coastal Sea Water Near Busan in Winter and Spring -

해수의 광학적 성질에 관한 연구 (II) - 부산근해의 하계 및 춘계 변화 -

  • 양용림
  • Published : 1976.03.01


The optical properties of the sea water were studied by use of underwater photometers in the coastal waters of Busan, from December 1975 to May 1976. The absorption coefficient of the sea water in the area ranged from 0.223 to 0.901 and the mean was 0.355. Maximum valae of monthly mean was 0.454 in December, while the minium was 0.301 in January. The transparency in winter was higher than that in spring and the mean was 4. 7 meters. The relation between absorption coefficient (m) and transparency (D) was m= 1. 67/ D. The rate of light penetration at 5 m-layer in the area ranged from 1. 73 to 24.09 percent and the mean was 13.63 percent, while the rate at 10 m-layer ranged from 0.067 to 8.05 percent and the mean was 2.95 percent.