On the $NO_x$ in Direct Injection diesel engine

직접분사식 디이젤의$NO_x$에 관하여

  • 안수길
  • Published : 1976.03.01


To investigate the relation of $NO_x$ emission and consumption rate in a direct injection diesel engine with a multihole nozzle under same fuel consumption and rpm, a naphthyl ethylenediaming method on NO, emission and Tektronix oscilloscop on the indicator diagrams have been used. Comparisons of the $NO_x$ emission and fuel consumption rate made on various conditions have led to the fllowing results. 1. The higher the injection pressure in the later injection time the lower $NO_x$ emission and the fuel consumption rate have been attained. 2. By the change of nozzle hole diameter under the same injection pressure, the $NO_x$ emission was much more lowered in the small diameter than large one, but fuel consumption rate was in inverse proption to the $NO_x$ emission. 3. The effect of injection spray angle, $\frac{1_n}{d_n}$ on $NO_x$ emission, fuel consumption rate under same injection time and injection pressure was neglectable.