Serological Investigation of Virus Diseases of Tobacco Plant (Nicotiana tabaccum L.) In Korea

혈청학적 방법에 의한 잎담배 바이러스병의 감염상 조사

  • Park Eun Kyung (Bucheon Tobacco Experiment Station, Office of Monopoly) ;
  • La Yong Joon (College of Agriculture, Seoul National University) ;
  • Heu Il (Bucheon Tobacco Experiment Station, Office of Monopoly) ;
  • Lee Yong Deuk (Bucheon Tobacco Experiment Station, Office of Monopoly)
  • 박은경 (전매청 부천연초시험장) ;
  • 나용준 (서울대학교 농과대학) ;
  • 허일 (전매청 부천연초시험장) ;
  • 이용득 (전매청 부천연초시험장)
  • Published : 1975.05.01


A total of 40 virus infected tobacco plants (Nicotiana tabaccum L.) with various symptom types Were collected from Bucheon and Jeonju area by its symptoms were investigated on the incidence of tobacco mosaic virus (TMV), cucumber mosaic virus (CMV), alfalfa mosaic virus (AMV), potato virus X (PVX) and potato virus Y (PVY) by serological methods. van Slogteren's microprecipitin test was applied for the testing of PVX and PVY from infected plants and Ouchterlony agar double diffusion test was used for CMV, TMV and AMV. Results obtained are as follows: 1. TMV, CMV, AMV, PVX and PVY wcre found to occur on the tobacco plants growing in Korea. 2. The prevalence of each of these viruses among the 40 tobacco plants investigated was in the order of AMV: $(67.5\%)>CMV:(60.0\%)>TMY:(47.5\%)>PVY:(17.5\%)>PVX: (10.0\%).$ 3. In Burley variety, the percentage of infection by TMV was $15\%$, whereas it was as high as $80\%$ in Hicks variety. 4. Among the 40 tobacco plants investigated, $37.5\%$ showed infection with one kind of virus whereas the remaining $62.5\%$, revealed mixed infection with more than two different viruses.