Comparison between phosphorus absorption coefficient and Langmuir adsorption maximum

전토양(田土壤) 인산(燐酸)의 흡수계수(吸收係數)와 Langmuir 최대흡착량(最大吸着量)과의 비교연구(比較硏究)

  • Ryu, In Soo (Institute of Agricultural Science, Office of Rural Development)
  • 류인수 (농촌진흥청 농업기술연구소)
  • Received : 1975.01.25
  • Published : 1975.03.20


Laboratory experiments on the phosphorus adsorption by soil were conducted to evaluate the parameters for determination of phosphorus adsorption capacity of soil, which serve as a basis for establishing the amount of phosphorus required to improve newly reclaimed soil and volcanic ash soil. The calculated Langmuir adsorption maxima varied from 6.2-32.9, 74.7-90.4 and 720-915mg p/100g soil for cultivated soils, non-cultivated soils, and volcanic ash soils respectively. The phosphorus absorption coefficient ranged from 116-179, 161-259 and 1,098-1,205mg p/100g soil for cultivated soils, non-cultivated soils, and volcanic ash soils respectively. The ratio of the phosphorus absorption coefficient to Langmuir adsorption maximum was low in soils of high phosphorus adsorption capacity (1.3-1.5) and high in soils of low phosphorus adsorption capacity (2.2-18.7). Changes in the amount of phosphurus adsorption induced by liming and preaddition of phosphorus were hadly detected by the phosphorus absorption coefficient, which is measured using a test solution with a relatively high phosphorus concentration. The Langmuir adsorption maximum was a more sensitive index of the phosphorus adsorption capacity. The Langmuir adsorption maxima of the non-cultivated soils, which were treated with an amount of calcium hydroxide equivalent to the exchangeable Al and incubated ($25-30^{\circ}C$) for 40 days at field capacity, were lower than the original soils. The change in the adorption maximum on incubation following the liming of soils was insignificant for other soils. The secondary adsorption maximum of soils, which received phosphorus equivalent to the Langmuir adsorption maximum of the limed soils incubated ($25-30^{\circ}C$) for 50 days at held capacity, was 74.5, 5.6 and 23.8% of the primary adsorption maximum for volcanic ash soils, non-cultivated soils, and cultivated soils respectively. The amount of phosphorus adsorbed by soils increased quadratically with the concentration of phosphorus solution added to the soils. The amount of phosphorus adsorbed by 5-g soil samples from 100ml of 100- and 1,000mg p/l solution for the mineral soils and volcanic ash soils respectively was found to be close to the Langmuir adsorption maximum. The amount of the phosphorus adsorbed at these concentrations is defined as a saturation adsorption maximum and proposed as a new parameter for the phosphorus adsorption capacity of the soil. The evaluation of the phosphorus adsorption capacity by the saturation adsorption maximum is regarded as a more practical method in that it obviates the need for the various concentrations used for the determination of the Langmuir adsorption maximum.