A Study on the Specific Fuel Consumption of the Farm Kerosene Engines

농업용 석유기관의 연료소비율에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1975.06.01


This study was attempted to investigate the changes of specific fuel consumption, compression pressure and power output, consequently to obtain basic data on farm kerosene engine. The samples which are used in this study are a 4 cycle water cooled korosene engine for the use of K6-CT83 power tiller and a 4 cycle air-cooled kerosene engine for the use of G5L-3A water pump. The Korean Industrial Standards (K.S)KS-B 6002 "Test code of small internal combustion engine" was referred in carrying out this study, and its results are as follows. 1. According to load increasing, the speific fuel consumption of the engines generally decreases, however, in case of 10% over-loading it increases. 2. As a result of full load consecutive operation, according to passing of operating time, the amount of wear generally increases, consequently the speific fuel consumption also increases, and inversly the compression pressure decreases. 3. The changes of specific fuel consumption and compression pressure were closely related with time of piston ring exchange, and periodically about 100 hours the engines show the increase of specific fuel consumption and the decrease of compression pressure. 4. After about 300 hours, although the engine had new piston rings, the specific fuel consumption increase, consequently the engine needs boring. In actual use, it is impossible to operate consecutively on full load, therefore the boring time of engine is expected to come later.