A Study on the Student Guidance at Home Management House

가정관리실습관에 있어서의 학생지도에 관한 연구 - 서울 시내모여자대학교대상-

  • 김복길 (숙명여자대학교 가정대학)
  • Published : 1974.12.01


I. Preface A. Establishment. There are many psycological and physiological difficulties that students have made practical application to a building site of 600 pyung and a structure of 65 pyung each sixteen students in the Home Management House, but there exists problem in students apprentice and management of professors. B. Purpose of study This research aim to seek a high degree of efficiency approach in investigating, studying and analyzing factors of the problem in Home Management which have been faced in women colleges in seoul. C. Content of study. This study is aim at finding out the problems including facilites, system, guiding principle, working bottleneck and administrative problem in making practical application of Home Management. II. A plan and method of study A. This subject of statiscal research is 616 women students in senior year from september 27 1970 to October 31 1974. The rate of collection of questionnaire is 100 percent. B. The Method of study is devised through refering documents, interview with students, questionnaire and observation. III. Result of study Of the total of 29 university in seoul, 24 Universities have its Course of Home Economic among which only 12 have Home Management for making practical application. Home Management House for making practical application is located mainly in campus but some of them exceptimally are in outside university. Students practice mainly at civilzed resident, apartment, bangalow so forth, and demention of which occupies approxiamtely 50-600 pyung (land) and 20-70 pyung (Building). A member with 4 or 20 students make practical application from 10 days to 3 months. A member consists of students and assistant teacher, and practice site classifies into living school for Professors living, and another school for Professors and assistant teachers. Answer to a questionnaire. 616 students answer to a questionnaire. 49 Perfect of 616 students like to have a member with 12 students like to have a member with 12 students, 38 percent student a member with 16 students. About the period of making practical About the period of making practical application, 76 percent students like to have two or three week period. 19 percent students think it a short period and 4 percent students think it a long period. There is none who thinks 25 day period day period to be short. About making practical application, 66 percent of 616 students feel uneasy, 40 percent students feel lack of sleep and tired. Students take a pleasure in having a conversation with their friends, inviting their mother, having dinner-party and birthday party. 77 percent students want to invite their father and 67 percent students want to invite their boy-friends. It is hard to have a good personal relation about the great the result of practice, students acknowledge themselves that they have learned about Cautiousness and they are sure of good Home Manager. There are 9 difficult problems during the period. IV. Summary discussion a. Many problems come from having a number of students. b. Students feel tired with their practice if over three weeks. No Matter how good a plan is, it useless if students can't adapt themselves to it. Suggestions 1) it is good to have a member with 5 or 6 students, and it is suitable to have two or three week period, and to have an area of 20 or 30 pyung. 2) it's proposed a profess or to live together in making practical application of Home Management 3) it is proposed a professor to have a sure T.O. and to be treated better.