Mass Inoculation Technique of Fusarium Disease in Rice

갈색엽고병의 인공접종법에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1973.04.01


In an effort to find effective inoculation method of Fusarium nivale, this experiment was conducted. The results obtained are summarized as follows: (1) Distilled water-spore suspension of this fungus was inoculated on rice seedling and the result showed that negligible disease symptoms were observed when the inoculated plants were placed in a moist chamber for one day, whereas considerable symptoms were indicated when kept for two days. (2) After giving physical wounds by wind or wooden stick to the rice seedling, distilled water-spore suspenion was sprayed on them and considerable diseased spots were formed. (3) Sufficient disease occurrence was due to the addition of $1\%$ rice leaf extract, glucose, polypeptone, and yeast extract solution to the spore suspension. (4) In distilled water, spore germination was poor, while in nutrient added solution good germination rate as well as anastomosis was found. (5) A new rice variety Tong-il turned out to be more susceptible to Fusarium nivale than Pung-kwang.