The Spider Fauna of Chun Cheon area, Kangweon do, Korea

춘천지방의 거미상

  • Published : 1973.09.01


This paper is given for the first time as a list of spiders from Chuncheon area, in land of kang-weon-do, mid-eastern part of Korea. Materials were collected during the early August 1972 by the Biological members of the chuncheon girl's high school, in chuncheon area. In addition to this materials collected by paik and Nam kung during July 1973 at Mt. Sam-ak which is located on south-west of chuncheon were examined. 1) In this paper, tile authors record 105 species of spiders belonging to 22 families, including 4 undetermined species from chuncheon area. 2) The followings are newly added to the spider fauna in Korea. a) Curstulina sp. b) Zelotes asiaticus(BOES. et STR.) 3) These materials are not sufficient for general discussion of the spider fauna of chuncheon area, however, an outline can be summarized as follow: 21 northern species $(20.8\%)$ 5 southern species $(5.0\%)$ 3 cosmopolitan species $(3.0\%)$ 72 plaearctic species $(71.2\%)$