Studies on the Thrips (Thysanoptera) Unrecorded in KOREA II

우리나라의 미기록 총채벌레에 관한 연구(II)

  • Woo Kun Suk (Dept. of Agr. Biology, Seoul National University)
  • Published : 1972.10.01


The study was conducted to describe unrecorded thirteen species of thrips; Frankliniella lilivora Kurosawa, Frankliniella tenuicornis (Uzel), Taeniothrips eucharii (Whetzel), Taeniothrips flavidulus Bagnall, Taeniothrips inconsequens Uzel, Taeniothrips pallipes (Bagnall), Taeniothrips picipes (Zetterstedt), Taeniothrips xanthius Williams, Thrips hawaiiensis (Morgan), Thrips linarius Uzel, Bagnalliella yuccae (Hinds), Haplothrips aculeatus Fabricius and Haplothrips floricola Priesner. Specimens of thrips were collected in the area of Suwon, Kuang-kyo, Hong-Do, Cheju-Do, Mt. Sullak and Mt. Jiri, in Korea during the period form 1971 to 1972.